Zeleni kader


Zeleni kader
(The Green Corps)

- is a paramilitary group assembled by soldiers that have runaway from front. Despite their criminal excesses, activities of these groups are but a reflection of a deep revolt against war and difficult social and economical conditions.






Chicha (Ivan Plehan)
Age: 48 g.
Build: slim
Nose: appropriate
Eyes: sky blue
Hair : messy
Beard: yes

Chita (Stanko Hrenovic)
Age: 54 g.
Build: short
Eyes: steel grey
Hair: salt’n’ pepper
Beard: shaved
Hunting hat: yes



Single, self educated electrician and el. engineer, construction worker, worker and farmer, musician (virtuoso on accordion).

Divorced, steels chicken on the side, poacher, musician. A couple of years ago defected to Peščenica of president Željko Malnar.


Special skills :
imitates sounds of nature, sounds of dogs, cats, racing bird, etc...

Special skills :
cameleon (nose assumes the color drinking spirits)