GOOD SPIRIT 18. 09. 2011

From the moment we thought about how it would be if we could find a way to travel to any moment of past and future, we were in a time machine at least once. Provoked by the fact that good spirited people are nowadays hard to find and thinking about that term itself in a way that the spirit is connected with time and as such can be a ruler of time, we thought of a wheel – initiator af a time machine.

The plan was to get into the 4th dimension and extract from the time line live specimen of local population that lived at the foot of the Sljeme from prehistory till today, and put them on the slopes of Medvednica, to be exact – into the mountain lodge Risnjak. We found out on the spot what happenes when a neanderthal meets aunt Bara from 19th century, or when a knight from the middle ages meets hikers from the early 20th century, or when antient Slavics meet the modern man of today. And for all those who were interested, fra Nikola alias Nikola Kezele, a member of the Society of friends of the Glagolitic script organized a glagolitic caligraphy workshop while Cinkuši, along with ethno bands «Dvi dangube», «4 livade» and «Planinarski dom» maintained the good spirit with music.